RTC industrie produces cutting tool blanks in carbide and HSS steel for French and European sharpeners. Rectification subcontracting

RTC Industrie also distributes rectified bars.


Carbide bars CW

High-speed steel HSS bars

Our own products

Gauge / check pin
Leather piercing electrode
Welding electrode...

Leader in the French market for carbide and high-speed steel tooling, RTC industrie has developed numerous capabilities in the field of grinding.

We produce and distribute a wide range of carbide and HSS tool blanks (carbide bars and HSS bars).

RTC industrie produces a wide range of HSS bars
a wide range of HSS grades M2, M35, M42, 10%, ASP2030, ASP2060, …, and of all shapes.
We also distribute a range of carbide bars
(carbide rods K10F, K10 – K20 – K30 – K40 round solid ground, square, rectangular, 1 straight hole…)

Since 1998, RTC industrie has been manufacturing semi-finished products for the cutting tool industry. These cutting tools are used in the aeronautical, automotive, medical, mechanical, food and energy sectors, etc.

Our stock, combined with an efficient organisation, enables us to satisfy customer requests within a very short time.

We are able to manufacture most tool blanks thanks to our high-performance production facilities: digital grinding machines, NC machining, centreless.

Our areas of expertise :

  • Supplier to cutting tool manufacturers and sharpeners:
    • Supply of raw and ground carbide bars
    • Production of ground HSS bars,
  • Subcontractor for the production of cutting tools (complete supply or contract work)
    Subcontractor grinding for general mechanics
  • Own products :
    • Control rod, IT5 smooth pad
    • Awl for leather
    • Welding electrode

Pre-order high speed steel and carbide


Responsiveness, reliability and accuracy



Response within 24 hours
on average 4 hours



Very short lead time
Single to medium series



France D+1 / Europe :
Fedex service

1 day possible

Our main sectors of activity :

  • Aeronautics and Space
  • Automotive
  • Luxury leather handbags
  • Wood
  • Mechanical industry
  • Nuclear energy