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Ground high-speed steel bars

RTC industrie produces a wide range of HSS - HSS-E high speed steel bars
Find M35, M42, 10%, ASP30, ASP60 high speed steel bars of all shapes.


High-speed steel bars HSS - HSS-E

RTC Industrie produces standard and specific bars (round, flat, square) in HSS and sintered steel (powder metallurgy) with different grades in order to meet all your needs (more than 300 references managed in stock).

We offer bars in various grades:

M2, M35, M42, ASP2012, ASP2023, ASP2052, ASP2030, ASP2060, tool steel Z160CDV12, …

Our steel manufacturer ERASTEEL guarantees the best quality steel on the market.

Standard tolerance :

round h8 – deflection 0.01/100

flat: h11

High speed steels (HSS) are manufactured with the melting process of conventional steel. They are so called mainly because of their ability to machine materials at high cutting speeds.

They provide : 

high hardening response
high wear resistance
high resistance to the softening effect of heat
good toughness for optimal use in industrial cutting operations.

Pre-order high-speed steel HSS

RTC Industrie offers you the possibility to pre-order HSS bars.

RTC Industrie offers ground HSS bars in various grades, diameters and lengths.

Quick steel pre-order